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District-Z: The Cult
District-Z: The Cult
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Product Description
 Ages:  12 and up 
 Players:  1
 Playing Time:  30 - 60 mins 


You never thought it would come to this. When the dead rose, you thought that they would be the biggest threat. You were wrong. Your supplies are running low. Medicine and food are nearly gone. The group decided that you will make the next run. You thought that you had prepared for this. You weren’t ready for them but they were ready for you.

District-Z: The Cult is a stand-alone game and does not require the original District-Zto play. This is a Choose Your Own Adventure-style game that will take you from your first steps outside of your small compound and into a harried run from a mysterious Cult that is always on your trail. You will choose your own path. Will you take down the Cult or will you be converted?

The CULT GAME BOOK: This is the story that you must encounter. You will read a page and attempt to overcome the challenges presented. You may be presented with a choice of which test to perform on the card. The choices will be separated by the keyword “OR” and this allows you to choose one of the tests to
complete while ignoring the other test (unless the page states otherwise). Once the test has been performed, perform the appropriate SUCCESS or FAILURE result.

The dice in District-Z: The Cult are customized with symbols representing each of a SURVIVOR’S ATTRIBUTES as well as the dreaded AUTO-FAIL result. If you roll an AUTO-FAIL result you may not reroll that die during your reroll attempts.

CULT Cards represent the constant threat of the Cult and are used to change the game causing difficulties for the Player via increased challenges, reduction in stats, and even causing you to perform all tasks on a page.

Items and Companion cards represent the Items and Companions that you may come across during the game. These cards are attached to your character mat and you may use their special abilities to assist you in defeating the challenges.

The Survivor mats are where you will track the changes that your Survivor goes through. You will, through the course of the game, be able to increase the basic stats of your character, gain experience, and earn special abilities which are all tracked on this mat.

The game involves the player reading a scenario in the Cult book and then performing one of the tests on the page by rolling the number of dice equal to the abilities in the test. For example: Let's say that you are on a page that has you testing AGILITY and PERCEPTION. You would look at your mat and see that you have 2 PERCEPTION and 3 AGILITY. You would roll 5 dice and try to gain enough of each symbol to match the test's requirement. Let us assume that the test says AGILITY:2 and PERCEPTION:1. With your 5 dice, you would have to roll 2 AGILITY symbols and 1 PERCEPTION symbol. You do get to reroll your dice twice for a total of 3 rolls (unless an ability or card states otherwise) but you may not reroll the AUTO-FAIL dice.

The game ends when the players reach one of the different endings. Will you escape the Cult or will you fall into the cold embrace of death?

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